Writing Services
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I like writing ! My experience is listed here. I find I am able to take the position of a new reader, and ask the right questions of the text from that perspective. There are several types of writing service I can offer:-

Major Re-writes.
I especially enjoy taking 'something with potential' that the author can't see or doesn't have time to extract, and re-organising the text. I particularly enjoyed doing "Hot Water from the Sun", where I took experimental data for solar panels using an 'artificial sun' and re-organised the information and made it 'user-friendly' so that technicians in the developing countries could use it to build solar panels.

Editing and Text Correction
I am also very happy to edit material produced by others, whether as a final 'tidy-up' or as a deep revision. A lot of my work has been on texts produced in English by non-native speakers, where there have sometimes been major problems which have needed rectifying.

My German is very good, my French is improving, and I am an experienced translator (but only INTO English). Translating is quite hard work for me, but if a project comes along and I have the time, I could be interested in it.

The topics of my previous work have ranged from technology for development to botany, environmental issues to 'nature spirits' and a current project if on education research, plus the many topics you find on this site. If you are writing a specialist book for a specialist audience, then I probably cannot help much; but if you are writing it for student or non-specialist readers, then I think I can deal with any subject ! Ask me ! (send a sample)
(though, having written that, there may be better people for 'high' literature and poetry, but, I am writing my own stories, and I would be glad to look at someone else's work).

Terms. I need to make a living !! If I wanted to work for nothing, I would rather write my own original material.

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