The "What is really happening ?" Service
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I have a number of techniques at my disposal to answer this type of question.
  • I am doing my master's dissertation using techniques of textual analysis ("What are they really saying in their texts ?")
  • I have studied policy analysis ("What are they trying to do and why ?")
  • I have studied systems analysis ("How are they organised ?")

I can look at your business or organisation (or someone else's if you want me too) and work out for you "What is really happening ?" and then I can help you to change or improve what you are doing (or maybe just how you communicate it !)

Perhaps even more interesting, I can help you decide "What is the potential ?" and how to fulfil it, (this is for individuals as well as businesses and other organisations). Linked to this is "What is everyone else saying ?What are they actually doing ? and, What do they really think ?" and I can do these for you too.

If you have questions like these you want answering, then send me an email to and we can discuss it further.

When I have written the organisational studies section of the site, there will be examples of my previous work there.

Please let me know what you want to know about !

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