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This site began mostly because I like bulletin boards, and I decided that I wanted one of my own !

It has grown rapidly in scale once I decided to create it. When I look at it now, perhaps I should have 4 different sites, but that is not feasible at the moment, One site will have to take all the parts, even if they don't fit together properly, and they may not be very polished in presentation or content .... I will try it now and see what happens.

Anyway, to continue my story, because I'm looking for a good project to work on, (and/or I need a job soon), I decided to put my CV on the site.

Over the years, I also have some bright ideas for services that I'd like to try out, so they are here too.

Then, as part of my studies, I will be doing an analysis of UK food policy, so I decided to try and define the historical and 'influences' contexts for the 'policy space'. This naturally falls into web pages, so I have added this too.

Finally, somewhat late in life, I am getting interested in what academics are doing, and I find some of their ideas very interesting, especially textual analysis, international relations theory, and the works of Foucault.. So, I decided to try and communicate what this is sparking off for me, so I have added these sections to the site too !

And then, I thought I'd add some photographs as a bit of light relief. (and my directory of links too of my favourite sites - maybe once a month I try to find something new on the internet)

If anyone is interested, I have written more about the site:-

  1. Some site 'philosophy'
  2. My motives and methods
  3. Some guidelines for users
  4. Details of site history and finances
  5. Acknowledgements and suppliers

Special thanks to Allan Howard for originating the 'snapshot and link' techniques that I use in the food section. is a sample of his work on NGO security

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