Consciousness, Mind, 'spirit', etc.
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There has been a vast amount written about all this (too much !), and I have myself probably read much too much of it !

It is all very variable, and covers a wide range, from the driest of philosophies about the nature of mind, to the most 'feeling-oriented', from modern psychologies and techniques to ancient shamanistic ceremonies. I have been through various of these stages, and tried a lot, and what seems useful to me at the moment lies somewhere between the four points that I have 'cut and pasted' onto the following pages.

1. What happens when the mind is turned off, from Tarab Tulku
2. Movements of consciousness and bliss, from Sri Aurobindo
3. The mechanism of mind and karma, from Mark Krueger
4. The basic nature of communication, thought, and thus of the mind, from theories of text analysis

These seem practical and useful approaches. (and perhaps they would make a good combination of approaches)

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