Mind, Thought and Energy from Tarab Tulku
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Some time ago, Tarab Tulku give a lecture here in Brussels. (on the 11th March, 2002)

I did not make notes, but, from memory, the key aspects of his talk for me were :-

  1. He spoke of the human problem
  2. He spoke of identifying 3 parts of ourselves
    a). Body - the physical
    b). Mind - what we sense and think
    c). Energy - what remains (by definition) if we are unconscious or in a trance
  3. He spoke of the way the mind inevitably sees itself as subject and the external as object, and of the difficulties which develop from this. If the mind can stop and the body is still, then the 3rd part, the energy that remains, is very interesting and most important..
  4. The short meditation was a process of letting the mind come to rest - to allow or see what is there when the mind stops. This was done by breathing and visualising energy of a particular colour.

On a personal note, I had never seen a senior teacher from any of the world's religions before in person, so it was interesting for me. Tarab Tulku is now a Professor at a University in Denmark, and he teaches groups, mostly in Europe and there is more information on the site at http://www.tarab-institute.org/gb/content.htm He is one of the senior Tibetan Buddhist teachers living in Europe, and he has the highest rank in the Tibetan education system.

I cannot resist showing my immaturity by saying that, as he is the 11th Tarab Tulku, and this is then his 11th incarnation as the leading Tibetan Professor, so I was surprised that he was not very eloquent after having so much practice. However, since then I have thought again, and I must say that eloquence really counts for very little. I suspect that he has a deceptive simplity, and very great clarity of thought and intention. This is perhaps a better thing to aim for than eloquence !

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