Mind and Karma
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Mark Krueger has a site at http://www.in2light.com/ and he gives weekly (free) astrologically based 'PlanetVisions Updates' which are report on problems and potentials. I enjoy them a lot, and have made some selections from his archive:

* The behaviors and stories at the surface are the symptoms. Identifying in the symptoms only maintains the karma that continues to cycle. It is essential to be conscious of and expressive of the stories/behaviors, but to believe that you and they are these patterns dooms the pattern to infinite replay on the Wheel. It takes considerable time/space for these densest of root chakra reels to burn off. The movie is not pretty nor does it feel like it is moving. 22/02/02

* These days it's difficult to decide what's the black hole and what's the white hole in the cosmologic schema. You may notice that your perception is flipping back and forth. Aha! That's the way it always is. You just thought it should be stable and linear and real and blah blah blah. The mind is a chaos that insists on its shadow of order. Order is simply controlled, frozen chaos awaiting its thaw. Thaw't is the melting of it all, liquid streams of untidy bits pretending to be something going somewhere. 08/03/02

* Your origin is not outside of you nor inside of you. You are not the origin, nor the Origin. There is no origin and there is no end to the origin. You are, beyond the Wheel, neither hub nor spoke nor circumference nor rut. 26/04/02

* You are more clear than you realize. The fog is so persistent and leaves a certain hang over. You are feeling hung over most likely. These ancient stories are binges of drama. Their echoes are stale, familiar and even comfortable. Being tired of them is key. If you think there is something wrong with you because you are tired of the drama machine, do not think again. To let go of the suffering projections of the Wheel requires that: 1) you be tired of them, 2) you see that they will never get you what you truly want, 3) you choose to claim your consciousness as whom you are and let go of identification in all the rest 05/04/02

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* We are watching the mechanisms of the karmic Wheel over and over again. There has never been a better time to witness its exquisite function, to get tired of it and to make a choice to dissolve from it.

We are watching seeds sprout now that fell from last centuries' vines. Don't buy the fear that is sold. What I write about is not for the sake of fear. I write to remind you to be conscious through the rapids of change when life as you've known it will dissolve and you will not have any external anchor points. You will not find refuge in anything outside of yourself. You will, if you choose, be able to share your being with other's being as you flow through the Show. Let go of your projections even as you witness them. Don't stare at the projector for you will become blind. See the shadows on the wall.

The fear that is sold in the mind is for distraction and reaction. Attack the mirror and you will see the mirror attack back. Isn't it silly? Humor yourself and others. This is a joking matter, but you may be the only one getting the joke in the moment of drama. Do not force the joke. Let go of all the filigree of love. Be present.

Remember that what is clearing is the essential layer of identification in life, the body, the planet. The mind will drag out every scenario to make it look like the end, the death, the nixexistence. Consider, for more than a moment, all the karmic layers of spiritual experience over many lifetimes that were certainly the denial of life, the body and good old incarnate Earth. This old spiritual sludge is washing up on the shore of awareness. The shadow of the interdimensional escape hatch, let's say the drug of God seek, is now upon us. Notice that the more God is invoked, especially in the cartoon known as the Middle East, the more life gets negated. Re-legion marches on with its phalanx of control hell bent on destroying the enemy in the name of heaven.

We all have our own personal heavens, hells and limbos. You don't have to realize them anymore. Realize your consciousness. 29/03/02

NOTE: his work is written for a particular week and astrological pattern, but he has a general message :-
Karma is very simple to me: contracts to play dramas. To figure out good karma or bad karma or such is to be distracted from what one is as consciousness and to be doomed to endlessly looping in the mind identified in a system that one is not.
I think this has value, and I like the way he does it. He is also available for private consultations.

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