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I am investigating new ways of looking at things. I am dissatisfied with the old systems and organisations that don't work well enough, that are not sustainable; or they are irrational, or they exploit their staff, customers or the world in general.

However, I equally don't want to campaign against what is 'wrong'. Nothing is wrong - it is as it is. I would rather try to start something new - it is less effort than trying to 'rescue' something.

I want to try and work out:-
1. how things really are in the world
2. why they are like they are
3. how they could be modified or replaced

In doing this, I try to look in the 'Supermarket' of schools, techniques and processes, and use the best I can, as appropriate. These may be personal, psychological, spiritual, business, academic, political or scientific. I am generally trying to evaluate whatever I find on the basis of its usefulness in that circumstance, with no attempt at consistency.

I have chosen the initial topics because I have pre-existing writings that I can easily adapt. I initially aimed for a 'minimum scrolling' philosophy, but this is not as easy as I had hoped. Some things on the site are writings that I want to use for other purposes soon. I hope to keep a wide range of topics 'alive'

I welcome contributions from others. Everything here is 'work in progress', and I welcome comments on this, plus help with more and better links and references. I hope to 'do mapping' and otherwise 'cut and paste' valuable contributions from the message board to make regular review documents. I hope to put other contributions on new areas directly onto the site, and I have written some guidelines for this.

Part of the challenge I continually face lies in being aware of the potential in things and situations. This is true of this site, and it is a bit of a trap really ..... I have made a start now, and I am willing to adjust myself and the site to grow, develop and even evolve, probably mostly through the bulletin board - I think there is great potential there, but, if I can't know the future.

One thing is certain - I also need to get some income soon, so I have added the Paypal service, just in case what I have done here is of value to others and they might like to send a donation. I might eventually have adverts - I'd rather not though.

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