Site Motivation, Purpose, Methods etc.
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Why am I doing this ?

* I think I can do something that (for me) is interesting, and will generate the kind of stimulus that I need to develop my ideas further. I hope it can do the same for others
* I want to express myself more.
* Maybe this will generate work and employment for me in future.

Why am I doing it in this way ?

It is important for me that I think as clearly as possible, and encourage or challenge others to do likewise. Often, there are a number of truths available, and I hope to select the "most useful" truth and then to apply it. I hope to communicate this in a way that does not infringe on the identity of others:-

  • I offer my thoughts as something for consideration
  • I offer them as what I think is "the most useful approach", or the best I have found yet.
  • To be clear about thoughts and ideas, you have to examine and analyse them, but this examination is often negative and destructive. This is not my intention - I hope to find and encourage a positive analysis.
  • I apologise if I cause offence to any of your beliefs, whatever they may be. I personally avoid belief as much as I can, and concentrate on:

1. what I have experienced for myself,
2. what is my current "best working hypothesis" to explain this,
3. what more 'progress' can I make in future
4. what future directions for me seem to have most potential, as best I understand it.
However, I understand that other people are different, and some like to have beliefs .. and in that case I may unwittingly cause offence. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but this is certainly not my aim.

  • Everything on this site is 'work in progress' - it is easy to criticise it, but can you offer improvements ?
  • You are a grown-up, you must make up your own mind as to what is best for you. If you use my ideas yourself, you do so at your own risk ! If you use my ideas in print or other medium, please give me a citation and link ! (or money !)
  • If I have misrepresented someone else's work in any way, failed to give a citation or whatever, then please let me know and I will try to rectify it.
  • I have set up a bulletin board, because I want to encourage a process of mutual debate, discovery and understanding. I declare this to be a process-oriented website !!


I have not written all of the text especially for this site - most of it was already written for other purposes. Setting up the site has encouraged me to make a little bit more effort and put it on here.

Much of what I have done is 'reframing' the work of others, most of whom are fortunately dead. I am not going to consult a spirit medium to try to contact them for their permission to use their works. I have tried to contact the living to give them a chance to respond, and where I have not succeeded in this or not even tried to do it, then I try to give a citation or a link, or both. As a generalisation, I think anything which is printed or on the internet is in the public domain, and it is open for summarisation and quoting. I want to do this correctly, and have the same done to me - please let me know of my failings

Sometimes I am 'flying a kite' to see what happens, sometimes I am trying things out, sometimes I have written something for a 'sort of amusement', and sometimes I can't remember.

I must confess that I have an unusual background - technology, steel industry, new age, theosophy, psychology, community, industrial auction organiser, translator, environmentalist, 'old' co-operative/socialist, red/green .. and, I am now living in my 5th country - England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Belgium. All of this makes a difference to my perspectives.

In places I am trying to include academic references - in some fields the thoroughness and validation techniques used by the academics are very helpful. In most of the 'spiritual domains' this type of thoroughness is lacking. I am coming to this academic approach late in life (and also without much thoroughness). I would be very grateful for more interesting references, especially from the internet

I try to take the most useful perspective depending on what I am trying to deal with. I do not see any virtue to trying to force myself into one position. There may be many contradictions in what I have written, but they don't matter much to me - I'll try and sort that out later !

Though I've written about a lot of topics, I am not usually interested in them all simultaneously ! I am not some superman keeping all these topics going at once.

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