The Message Board + other guidelines
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Message board. I like message boards, but I have seen many problems with them. The following guidelines are to try to maximise the enjoyment and minimise the problems. My forum is now at Post New Age

  1. I hope everyone will behave in tone and language as if they were sitting together and talking in a smart café on a sunny afternoon (and not a busy pub at closing time)
  2. Don't start what you can't finish - if you begin and continue a process with someone else, please make sure that both of you have the intention and enough skills to get to a positive end result for all concerned. Processing is OK, but you need to be committed to it and open to change for it to work.
  3. I hope you enjoy the message board (and that I don't have to write it all myself)
  4. I hope people use the message board to post interesting links
  5. Personal Email addresses should not be published on the message board, but I hope all contributors will send theirs to me (at least once). I am happy to mediate any exchanges of addresses.
  6. If a dispute arises, I request a minimum of a 1 hour gap between postings by all concerned as a cooling off period.
  7. I want things to be friendly, but sort of serious. If you want to chat, let me know and I will set up a chat room, or we can form a consensus on where and when to use another one.
  8. Generally, there will be no censorship, however, I could make exceptions:-
    a. If you have to use profanities, please use them only in the text, not in the title of your post
    b. If you are offensive or rude to others
    c. I you behave like you are in a pub at closing time rather than a café in the afternoon
    d. If I feel that deception is going on
    e. And perhaps for some other reasons
    Then, after due warnings, I might sin-bin the culprits and stop them posting for a short period.
    I am not interested in people's boundary issues as to what behaviour is permitted or forbidden, and where exactly the dividing line is. If you start playing that game, you will be banned until you request to return and behave better. However, if there is a demand for it, I would be willing to set up a 'Sinbin Board' with no limits at all, but I would need another site for that (you can only have one cgi_bin folder on a site)

Other Contributions. I am interested in other people submitting work that I could put on the site. However, please be aware that I would suggest the following guidelines for this:-
1. I am generally trying to have a minimum scrolling approach
2. I don't like reading long texts unless I have to (or unless they really interest me - and they need to succeed in that aim within the first 100 words )
3. I'd rather write my own things than re-write yours, unless you want to pay me for editing yours !

Site Development. I have put everything on one site - maybe I should split it into 3 or 4 sites. If people want me to set up 'topic groups' then I can go in that direction too, funding and time permitting. This is my first experiment with a site.

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