My services by George McNamara
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Over the years I have invented a lot of ideas for services, personal development workshops and for small businesses. I have built seperate pages for each of these to explain them more. None of these services are THE ANSWER™, but then, nothing is THE ANSWER.

"What is really going on ?" What are they really saying ? This service has now developed massively as I have developed my Discourse Analysis Toolbox to help with these questions. I have then used this toolbox to examine "What does the UK Government really think about food and farming" which is on my Food and Policy site. While you can never really know what anyone else thinks and why, you can explore, and the more understanding you gather, the better you will be able to communicate with them

Life Coaching (!!??) - what do you want from life and how can you get it ? I can help with this, though I may not be the obvious person you would choose.

Positive Audits - workshop/audit for small firms and NGO's. I think this would be a fantastic experiment to try

Vision Quest workshops - find your next step !
This would be good too, especially designed as an easy and fun thing to do on a weekend in a big city, without the process taking over your life !

Writing Services - re-writes, editing and translation. This links to an introductory page, but I have also written a small Woodlands Writing site which gives full details of what I can do.

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