Vision Quest workshops
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I myself like to do a 'personal growth-type' workshop every year, to refresh myself, try something new, and generally get some new stimulus in my life.

Unfortunately no-one puts on the workshops I'd like to do in the way I'd like to do them - they all seem to be 'enlightenment intensives' or 'shamanic energy sessions', whereas I'd like something less intense and more fun - something that helps me without taking my life over completely for 3 days.

So, I had a brainwave, and I thought I would try and create what I wanted myself !

This weekend workshop would take place in a large city, and would be non-residential:

  1. Friday evening, 2 hours. Introductions, and purposes.
  2. Saturday afternoon. Preparation for vision quest, 1 hour. Then, set off in small groups on Vision Quest - to help each other in small groups to find the thread for each of your next steps - the object or place or person which "has a message for you", or represents your next step (or even, represents what you want to stop doing or being) The time for this is open - enough for each small group to 'find it' for all their members, and drink coffee or beer together, etc.
  3. Sunday afternoon. Report back, integration excercises, 3 hours.
  4. Tuesday evening. Completion and celebration.

I think this would give excellent 'stimulus' and new direction, without overwhelming anyone, and with lots of potential for people to make new contacts and friendships in their own city

I am open to offers from existing groups to run this for you in your city, and from co-workers who are interested in working with me to develop this.

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