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Now I live in Brussels, there are a lot of interesting things to see, and there must be thousands of statues here ..... Some have suffered badly from time, weather and pigeons, but there are some that I really enjoy, and I thought I'd share some of those with you. The photos run in the following order:-

  1. Animal sculpture
  2. Stainless Steel (my favourite matrerial !)
  3. Some favourite sculptures
  4. Don Quixote
  5. The "Pillar of Life"
  6. Giant Statues
  7. Brussels formal gardens
  8. Brussels post-modern buildings
  9. German post-modern buildings
  10. German building signs

I also like some modern buildings too, especially mirror finishes and geomety, so I've done some shots of these 'post-modern' buildings from Germany and Belgium.
Do they show a national characteristic ?
What it is like for the people who work in them ?
What do they really do in them ?
When I was in Germany, I was very entertained and puzzled by the way they create name plates, and I include some of these too (I was VERY bored one day)

My camera is only 758x504 pixels, but if you click on a 'thumbprint' on these pages then you will get the full size photo

I'm sorry I don't know any of the artists names yet !

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