My Pamphlets Page
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160 years ago I would have written pamphlets, and this page links them all together !

My New age, Postmodernism, Findhorn and Foucault section:-

1. New Age – an astrological inevitability, or a spiritual supermarket ….
2. Findhorn – I lived at Findhorn for quite a long time, so I have tried to review its virtues
3. Post-Modernism – what happened except for a lot of shiny buildings ?
4. Foucault – he sets things in a larger perspective ……

My Consciousness and ‘Spirit’ pages - some ideas and approaches I like:-

1. What happens when the mind is turned off, from Tarab Tulku
2. Movements of consciousness and bliss, from Sri Aurobindo
3. The mechanism of mind and karma, from Mark Krueger
4. The basic nature of communication, thought, and thus of the mind, from theories of text analysis

My International Relations theory pages, which deal with some new problems :-

And there is also my study of Mythology - patterns and systems of myth (and elites):-

1. Mythology - introduction
2. classification of mythologies
3. elites in mythology
4. an example of levels in a myth
5. is science really mythological ?
6. Theories of the State - Introduction
7. pluralism
8. the new right
9. elite theory
10. Marxism
11. neo-pluralism
12. Summary - a hierarchical picture
13. a unitary theory ?

I hope you have fun ! If you like these, you may also like my Post New Age site, where there is also a forum where you can post any comments about these pages. I now also developed my virtual George site, which has a weblog you might be interested in

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