The New Age
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I must confess that I was very keen on the New Age from about 1975 onwards (from when I was, say, 25). Now 27 years later, I have to look back, slightly regretfully, and certainly with more self-consciousness.

I am regretful and disappointed because:- we have not built the New Jerusalem yet (and, in fact, world circumstances at the moment seem to be about to destroy the old one entirely), King Arthur and Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table have not re-emerged and re-established Camelot, the Christ does not seem to have re-appeared, and neither do we seem to have entered a new era of peace and love. Perhaps my dreams in ’75 were unrealistic ! I’m slightly embarrassed about it all, in fact, but I want to write honestly about it.

I am deeply disappointed whenever I go to a new age festival (tinged with guilt, because I myself played a big part in the Findhorn shop, which supported the developing commercial ‘new age’). The number of products available, the claims made for them, the ‘great new products’. Everyone has their book to market, their living to make, their stuff to sell (my book comes out soon ! – you must buy it – it has all the answers !), their workshops, their place on the lecture circuit.

I am particularly unhappy with channellings from ‘higher realms’, ‘new age music’ and the way crystals are sold, but the whole movement itself is the problem …… I feel it is actively mis-leading to newcomers,and it is commercial and exploitative of everyone involved.

But, I don’t think this is the full picture. There is some really good stuff there that people generally need, and I think some of the keys to my 'positive' ('clear') New Age are as follows :-

  • Some form of Group Consciousness is possible, some element of ‘the whole is greater then the sum of the parts', and that a group of equals can create new patterns and projects of great power.
  • A new synthesis is possible of the best (useful) bits of all the different schools of thought
  • A new personal centering is possible, with a re-integration of the self around a new centre
  • New potentials can be sensed and reached for the self and also for society. (They were always there, but they were hidden or 'difficult to find'

    And so on. Unfortunately, none of these are saleable products ! (though I can let you have a few grains of new potential if you want), although there are some very useful techniques which I recommmend and list in my Psychology links

Is the New Age (astrologically) arriving anyway ? Did it arrive and I didn’t notice it ? Who is in a position to say so anyway ? How can you tell the diference ?

The New Age movement seems to me mostly unchanged from 20 years ago, but things are changing elsewhere:-
I can communicate in this way over the internet - this indicates real progress to something new !
I have phoned people on mobile phones in Greece, India, China and Saudi Arabia
I can come to Belgium to live and 'become a European'
I also very much value that I can now come from 'my direction' and have the opportunity to do a Masters in ‘policy and thought’ type of issues. This type of door has opened in a way that didn't seem to exist before.

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