Whatever happened to the New Age ? and Postmodernism too ?
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It may be too early to write the history of the new age, but I am sure people will start to write them soon ! Why should I not make a start myself first ? I was very deeply involved in it, I lived at Findhorn "at the heart of it", and now I have some more and different perspectives .......

..... and, I have belatedly come in contact with academic work and found it interesting (which I certainly did not do when I was young and first went to University). And, I have discovered that there is a parallel movement to the new age, starting about 20 years later, called Post-modernism. This has mostly interested academics and University students, but has been very influential, especially in architecture, design and music. (I like many of the post-modern buildings, and I document some of them in my photo pages).

At the moment, I have written brief pages as follows:-

1. New Age an astrological inevitability, or a spiritual supermarket .
2. Findhorn I lived at Findhorn for quite a long time, so I have tried to review its virtues
3. Post-Modernism what happened except for a lot of shiny buildings ?
4. Foucault he sets things in a larger perspective

If there were only the New Age ...... it would be different, but now I realise there was a parallel but later and different movement, then how do I interpret either or both of these ? I want to begin this challenge !

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