The New Right
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The New Right has developed a set of theoretically and philosophically sophisticated ideas to combat the liberal and socialist theories which had defeated "The Old Right". The Old Right is normally seen as conservative and traditionalist, backwards looking towards aristocracy and feudalism, and to be generally anti-rationalist.

The New Right has several theoretical aspects: Public Choice Theory generally takes "classical" individual behaviour and extrapolates it into the wider society. Positivism is based on the idea that individuals will take rational action to maximise their benefits and minimise their costs. The 'Austrian School' proposed theories of value, generally attempting to extend classical economics into the political arena.

The Central Idea of the New Right is the free individual
Positive Stereotype - the creator, who would make himself and others prosperous, "if only the government would keep out of the way and not disrupt him"
Negative Stereotype - "The Leviathon", "a giant superhuman figure composed entirely of the miniscule bodies of the state's citizens" (p. 128). As individuals sacrifice their own interests to the state, they become de-personalised and consumed by the state. The system should be capitalist, and every effort must be made to diminish the working of the state and to liberate markets.

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