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"is the belief that there are (or ought to be) many things" (p.13), and where "the State is merely one association among many to which individuals belong and owe allegiance (p. 22).

A pluralist system is typified by numerous interest groups, mass media and a free press, strong local authorities, separate political, administrative and judicial systems, a bureaucracy without its own preferences, and a democratic and perhaps even a proportional representation system.

The Central Ideal of pluralism is of strong voluntary associations.

Mythic Image. There is a sort of mythic figure of a juggler (somewhere in the system, or as a sort of deus ex machina ?), who keeps everyone more or less happy, and responds to and mediates all the individual and interest group demands on the system.
Negative Stereotype - "The Revolutionary". It seems that pluralism has developed as an attempt to include all the diferent groups and classes in society, so that revolutions do not occur and social unrest is minimised. Everyone who asks for it gets a share of the cake as long as they ask for it nicely (?!)

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