Power and Elites within these classes of Myth
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There are obvious power structures within these classifications :-

  1. Primitive - Elders, and Ancestor power (often in traditional societies)
  2. Pagan - the Pantheon. But there are also charismatic, "larger-than-life" leaders (heroes) or groups who may be a modern version of these pantheons and the ancient heroes (Evita, UK royal family in the 1990's ?)
  3. Sacred - Great Teacher, leading to a Priesthood, dogma, and holy books, then religion.
  4. Scientific - Peer group review processes
  5. Personal Mythology - Self images, both positive and negative
  6. Fairy Tales - Kings, Queens, Princes, Knights, etc. -chivalry
  7. Urban Myths - Usually a protest or comment on modern life

It is interesting that "the hero" is a unifying figure which occurs in all types of mythology, and nearly all myths, but perhaps 'the Actor' always becomes 'the hero' after a few re-tellings of a story as it evolves.

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