Unifying Myth and Theory ?
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Though one can see a sort of connection, in that myths contain ideas of elites, and elites contain aspects of mythology, it is difficult to state a direct linkage. I have tried to link them in a 'hierarchy of understanding model on the last page, but there is another way of trying to link these :-

I propose that perhaps there is an 'Ideal State' emerging from Governance theories, where there is a peer group of equals, who each have a public service philosophy, and who work within a resilient neo-pluralist context, and make all decisions on a rational basis, and are self-regulating as a group for the quality and integrity of their work, and also for the induction of newcomers :-

  1. Internally, this seems to a 'myth-free' and entirely rational system. Strangely, it is also very unappealing, and has unwelcome robotic overtones.
  2. the other type of elites form 'previous evolutionary stages' to this 'ideal rational state'
  3. Externally, myths would probably be generated about this system to 'the outsiders' - this would be creativity and education (and training) for the 'outsiders'
  4. the other theories of the state are previous evolutionary stages to this ideal

Unfortunately, this idea seems to be impossible to either test, prove or disprove. The great Civil Services were intended to run in this way, but they are being gradually turned in to agencies by the Neo-Pluralists, and it is debatable if they really had power anyway. (Of course, others might define an entirely different 'ideal state' to this)

Spin Doctors. However, there are certain parallels in this idea with the way modern 'spin-doctors' try to organise things - they form a protective ring around the 'inside' of the system, they try to 'mythologise' to the world outside what the 'central leaders' are doing. They also administer the 'incoming contacts' and protect them from 'the outside world'. The way the modern 'spin-doctor system' has developed is quite interesting from the perspective of mythologies, elites, and systems of governance !

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