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The following books form part of my 'background reading'. There are many other discourses about food production, the environment, science, power and politics that I have not included in the discourses here.

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Politics, Philosophy, Power,

Assagioli, Roberto, 1973 "The Act of Will" Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

Assagioli, Roberto, 1964 "Psychosynthesis: A Manual of Principles and Techniques" Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

Bateson, Gregory, 1972, "Steps to an Ecology of Mind", Paladin, St. Albans

Bookchin, Murray, 1974, "Post-Scarcity Anarchism", Wildwood House, London

Buckminster Fuller, R, 1969, "Utopia or Oblivion", Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

Buckminster Fuller, R,, ed Meller, James, 1970, "The Buckminster Fuller Reader",

Donaldson, Peter, 1973, "Economics of the Real World", Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

Dunleavy, P, and O'Leary, B, 1987, "Theories of the State - the politics of liberal democracy", Macmillan, Basingstoke

Eliot, Alexander, 1993, "The Global Myths", Meridian, Harmondsworth

Gorz, Andre, 1983, "Farewell to the Working Class: An Essay on Post-Industrial Socialism" Pluto Press, London

Henderson, Hazel, 1980, "Creating Alternative Futures", Perigee, New, York

Hennessy, Peter, 1995, "The Hidden Wiring", Indigo, London

Jung, CG, 1964, "Man and his Symbols", Picador, London

Klein, Naomi, 2000, "No Logo", Flamingo, London

Lafferty and Eckerberg, eds., 1998, "From the Earth Summit to Local Agenda 21", Earthscan, London

Lilly, John, 1972, "The Centre of the Cyclone", Paladin, St. Albans

Maslow, AH, 1972, "The Farther Reaches of Human Nature", Esalen / Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

May, Rollo, 1969, "Love and Will", Collins, Glasgow

Rabinow, Paul, ed., 1984 "The Foucault Reader", Penguin Books, Harmondsworth
Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

Rose, Hilary and Steven, 1969, "Science and Society", Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

Roszak, Theodore, 1970, "Making of a Counterculture", Faber and Faber, London

Waddington, C. H., 1977 "Tools for Thought", Granada, St, Albans

Woods, Tim, 1999, "Beginning Postmodernism" Manchester UP, Manchester

Current Affairs

I have read "The Guardian" since 1967, and subscribed to "New Scientist" throughout the 1970's, and have kept up with science ever since.

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