I am looking for work !!
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I am looking for interesting adventures (but you can call it work if you want !)

In approximate order of preference:-

  1. I am very interested in doing the things listed in the Services section of the site, that is, positive audits, vision quests. With these, I need to find suitable people to work with, as I don't much feel like working alone with groups at the moment
  2. I would like opportunities to try out my new "what is really happening" service, and my 'life coach' offer.
  3. In the more familiar world, I very much enjoy front-desk work at conferences, exhibitions, auctions, etc.
  4. I have enjoyed my work in different countries selling factories, developing the sales leads that the marketing has produced, providing information to potential purchasers, getting more information about the leads, and then hosting visitors. I would describe myself as an excellent sales deal 'opener' and researcher.
  5. I have gained great satisfaction from re-organising masses of information to make user-friendly books, and 're-directing' existing work to a new audience. I enjoy editing and re-writing books and articles too. There is more information on this as my writing service which is detailed on a seperate page
  6. As a last resort, I am willing to do technical translations. Currently I can only offer German to English, but my French is now nearly good enough for French to English. Translation is hard work for me at little more than 1000 words per day, and it is an achievement to finish a major book. I am only able to work into my mother tongue, English.
  7. I will, of course, soon be willing to compromise and do anything legal if I run out of money. I am also open to offers of things I haven't thought of yet - maybe you see an aptitude in me that I don't yet see myself - if so, please tell me !
  8. Tell me what you want - perhaps I can make it happen for you ! (but, what is it worth to you ?)

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