Publications, Technical and other Writing
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  1. Ecological and Botanical. I have often worked for Verlag Margraf (Scientific Books), Muhlstrasse 9, Postfach 105, Weikersheim, Germany, beginning in 1988. The main work for them was as follows:-
    The Cultivated Plants of the Tropics and Subtropics, by Prof. Sigmund Rehm and Dr Gustav Espig. This was a translation from German of a 400 page treatise, with botanical and cultivation information of all the major food and commercial plants.
    b) Hot Water from the Sun. The original document was written as a series of experiments using an 'artificial sun' for testing different designs of solar panels using materials locally and cheaply available in developing countries. I re-organised the raw data so that useful information would be accessible to technicians in the developing countries, e.g coconut fibre may be 2% less efficient as an insulator than fibre glass for the back of a solar panel, but this may be very cheap, and so make good economics. (the original text was in English)
    c) Colossoma - the salmon of the Amazon. This species was very difficult to rear commercially. Eventually a team of Hungarian scientists worked out how to do it, and wrote this book in English. I did the few text corrections needed.
    d) Micro-Hydro Power Newsletter. This was established by a German charity to link groups around the world working in this field (e.g. in Tibet, the Andes, Kenya) and to encourage technical collaboration directly between these groups rather than through European consultants. I did text corrections for several issues, especially where foreigners were attempting to write in English
    e) Rainwater Collection Systems. This is a CD-ROM for Margraf
    Publishing, where I have done text correction and editing of the text for an audio-visual slide show and numerous introductory articles and case studies by a variety of authors, all on rainwater collection systems. The CD also includes the Conference Papers from the 9th and 10th International Conferences on Rainwater Catchment Systems
  2. f) Schmitter Catalogue. Schmitter are a major manufacturer of hydraulic componemts for use in industry and on vehicles fitted with cranes, tippers and rams. I am translating thier catalogue from German to English, as part of their ongoing expansion into the international market.
  3. The Findhorn Press. Together with a friend (Karin Werner), we translated "Elementals and Nature Spirits" by Marko Pogacnic, which was originally written in Slovenian, then translated into German, and we translated the German version into English (with my own share of the work mostly on the English text). This book has been quite successful, and has now gone to a second edition.
  4. Union of International Associations. I produced a report on the Image, Visibility and Marketing of the UIA, which will be adapted here in the future "Organisational Studies" section of this site
  5. Henry Butcher + Co. I worked as a project manager for this firm of industrial auctioneers for the last 7 years. My writing here included auction catalogues, flysheets and advertising copy - the catalogue descriptions must be especially clear and unambiguous. I specialised in computer, video, audio and electronic equipment, and built up good networks of contacts in these fields who could give me technical and market advise.
  6. Epsom Common Association. I was chair of this group from 1994 to 2001. This has involved writing 3 newsletters a year for an audience of approximately 400 members, mostly in the local area. I also wrote the new 'aims and goals' document, publicity materials, and all letters, etc. for the Association.
  7. GKN (South Wales) Ltd., Cardiff. Major new plant was commissioned during my time there, including high speed rod mill and continuous cast steel-making plant, and extensive trials were done on these new materials. Written and verbal reports were done on all of these trials, written for the plant managers and senior quality staff, and many other reports on process improvements
  8. Web Site Authoring. As you can see, I am very good at this

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