Achievements and Track Record.
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On several occasions I have either directly created or sponsored some major advances:-

  1. The Savings Club at the Findhorn Foundation. In 1983, the Foundation was in considerable financial difficulties, with a debt to the bank of about £500,000. I realised that the community members probably had similar assets in their accounts at the same bank, and that we could "cut out the middle man" by forming a Savings Club. I did some research on Credit Unions, and made the initial proposal for an organisation which became a great success, with funds of £400,000 on loan to the Foundation at 8% interest, with members receiving 6% from the club.

  2. At Henry Butcher and Co, I created a series of Collective Auction Sales for studios and dealers in the video and audio industries. These customers had equipment to sell, but not enough for their own seperate sales. I researched the potential for this, proposed it to the senior partners, set up the relevant systems, and carried out a series of five sales, which led to several other highly profitable projects for the firm. Due to rapid obsolescence in these media industries, this type of work is no longer profitable. Many of these contacts were at Director level.

  3. As Chair of the Epsom Common Association, I have sponsored and facilitated the following:-
  • A process of participation with Epsom and Ewell Borough Council officers, leading to a joint management forum for Epsom Common (which is a SSSI of 450 acres, while our association has 400 members). The process of participation has not been easy for some of the Council's staff, but is beginning to show results - creating improved channels for our input to the Council, and informing us of any decisions which affect the Common.
  • We have set up our own volunteer group to carry out small scale environmental improvements to the Common for particular habitats and species, and co-operating with existing BTCV and Wildlife Trust groups.
  • A grazing project has been set up, using cattle for conservation grazing in the summer months. This has been a great success and is now in its 5th year. The general problem for Epsom Common is the growth of scrub and woodland on land which has traditionally been open and grazed by animals, and had richer wildlife then. This re-introduction of cattle is both very popular and very successful in ecological terms.
  • The Aims and Goals of the Association have been re-defined and adopted by a full meeting of the Association
  • I have successfully handed over the running of the Association to an excellent team.

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