Curriculum vitae, part 4 - Experience and Skills
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  1. From my stay at the Findhorn Foundation, I have considerable direct experience of personal growth, group skills, facilitation skills, empowerment and delegation, etc. Some of this experience and techniques is detailed further on my Trainings and Studies page
  2. From my work as an industrial auctioneer, I have acquired a lot of 'hard' commercial experience, including negotiating the purchase of services such as advertising, printing, renting premises, alarm installation, hiring staff, and managing up to 8 staff at an auction site.
  3. From auctioneering, I have a proven ability to go to a site, and work within the existing situation there (such as the office politics and beaurocracy at the BBC Television Centre, and the technical and personnel challenges at Yamaichi Bank as it went into liquidation). Most auction projects have tight deadlines, high quality standards, large amounts of detail, and a requirement to complete the project and depart from the site to a fixed timetable.
  4. In personal terms, at an auction I would have to deal successfully with everyone I encountered, from company directors to technicians to drivers, winning co-operation and maintaining discipline where necessary. The largest collective sale I organised had 52 vendors, 2300 lots, 350 attendees at the sale, 140 successful bidders, and 3 staff.
  5. Communication Skills. I believe that I communicate well most of the time, that my written work has a clear, jargon-free style. I make myself clear in groups and achieve my objectives; and that I perform well in public meetings. The largest meeting I have organised and chaired was the 1998 AGM of the Epsom Common Association, attended by 110 people.
  6. I have good computer, technological and statistical skills
  7. I have a strong ongoing interest in Environmental issues, and in Local Agenda 21. I approach LA21 as a set of long-term goals; but, all decision making should lead in a direction towards these goals

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