Curriculum vitae, part 3 - Other details
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There are a number of other things which I have done which don't quite fit anywhere else, but I like to mention them:-
  • Other qualifications. Once upon a time, I trained in 'first aid'

  • Languages. I speak German very well (I can think in German !), and my French is improving rapidly

  • 2002, Union of International Associations, Brussels. I worked at the UIA for a short period, writing a report on their marketing, image, visibility and goals. This has been adapted elsewhere on the site.

  • Epsom Common Association. I was Chair of the Epsom Common Association from 1994 to 2000

  • Singing in Choirs. I have been singing in choirs more-or-less continuously from 1983 to the present. I switched from bass to tenor about 6 years ago.

  • Photography. Some examples are elsewhere on the site .

  • Website design. As you can see ...... I am learning web design. I am now also offering a web design service at my site

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