Curriculum vitae, part 2 - Work Experience
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The main work I have done is as follows, in reverse order :-

2000-2, Henry Bucher International / Troostwijk Auktionen. Major project of sale of Agfa photographic film production facility in Neu - Isenburg, near Frankfurt, Germany. Following up on enquiries and sales leads, contacting potential buyers, and hosting visits to the site by interested parties. The project eventually went to a break-up sale by auction, and I returned to help Troostwijk with this, liasing with Agfa management and the sub-contractors, and hosting and supervising removal companies. In both phases of the project, I hosted visitors from China, Indonesia, India, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, France, USA, etc.

1992-1999, Henry Butcher & Co, Industrial Auctioneers and Valuers, 50/51 High Holborn, London WC1V 6EG At Henry Butcher & Co, most of my experience was as on-site Project Manager, liasing with an office-based management team. At first, I organised auctions of computer equipment. Then I began a series of collective auctions for the sound studio and TV post-production industries. This was very successful, the best auction had a total value of about £300,000, with a net profit of £40,000. At the largest of these sales, I had 8 casual staff, 50 vendors, and 500 purchasers, and I also placed the advertising, wrote the text for flysheets and catalogues, and dealt with all types of people from directors to drivers. I have also worked on private treaty sales, valuations, accounts, administration and database development, and research into the marketplace for industrial and commercial equipment. These experiences demonstrate the quantity and quality of work of which I am capable. Due to a collapse in prices of video equipment, I was made redundant in May 1999.

1990-1992, Technology Connections plc, restarted as Suntec plc. I worked for two years for these firms as a computer technician, building personal computers, ranging from some of the last XT's to the first 486 SX's

1989, Southern Germany. I lived in Southern Germany for 6 months. I speak German well, and I translated "The Cultivated Plants of the Tropics and Subtropics" from German to English. I have edited a number of books written in English by non-native speakers.

1981-1988, The Findhorn Foundation, The Park, Forres, Morayshire IV36 0TZ I moved to the Findhorn Foundation in 1981 at the age of 31, and stayed for nearly 7 years. The Foundation is an educational charity and community, with group-oriented management structures. My early years there were in an "apprenticeship" role, but later I was the manager of the Phoenix Book, Craft, and Healthfood Shop. In my last year I was in the Guest Department, and led many programmes for personal growth and transformation.

1979-81, Relay Bookshop, Cardiff. I owned and operated a small second-hand bookshop in Cardiff.

1970-1977, GKN (South Wales) Ltd, Castle Works, Cardiff. I worked as a Metallurgist in the steel industry in Cardiff for 7 years, mostly working on projects to improve the quality of steel wire used for bolt-making

I also have wide experience of temporary work, and of rapidly fitting in to unusual environments !

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