Curriculum vitae, part 1 - Education
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  • Primary School. Beach Road County Primary School, Litherland, Liverpool 21
  • Secondary School. MTS, Crosby, Liverpool 23. 4 'A' levels, 8 'O' levels
  • First Degree. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, (UMIST) Manchester, BSc in Metallurgy, 2.2 Honours.
  • Postgraduate - I am currently studying for an MSc at the Centre for Institutional Studies, University of East London. I have completed the taught modules, and my dissertation is titled "A Textual Analysis of Aspects of UK Government Food Policy"
  • Other trainings:-
    1980. I am very grateful to the UK government for their 3 month TOPS course in Systems Analysis
    1994-6. I studied (and passed) 2 modules of an 'Open University' post-graduate diploma in Computer Studies

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