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Once upon a time, I had a lot of spare time for surfing the web, so I made a list of my favourites and bookmarks, and wrote short reviews of them. I still like to 'explore' the web maybe once a month, to see what I can find, so I will add more links later. You might be interested in them ! I checked them all in May 2002 - please let me know if any have 'died'.

I have split them into pages as follows:-

  1. Favourites and Friends
  2. Theosophy
  3. World Religions
  4. Sri Aurobindo and Indian Philosophy
  5. Psychology
  6. 'Spiritual and New Age'
  7. Consciousness and Philosophy
  8. Communities
  1. Science plus Radionics
  2. Academic (Social Sciences)
  3. 'Knowledge Engineeering'
  4. Ecology and Environment
  5. Humour and Cruelty
  6. Oracles
  7. Miscellaneous

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