Science, Radionics etc.
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In general, science always comes from the New Scientist weekly magazine, online at, but the following are interesting :
is amazing - it is an animation which starts with a picture of the galaxy and then, increasing the magnification by x10 every step, finally gets down to a picture of sub-atomic stuff, taking 39 steps !! is quite strange (pseudo)'scientific' stuff at the furthest reaches of the human mind

Most scienctists don't like radionics and so on, but 'vibrational medecine' (homoeopathy and the like) works well for me, and I think it is interesting :- is the main UK organisation for radionics and for training

The White Mountain radionics site is at - they seem to have invented all sorts of wonderful devices based on vibrational techniques has also english pages, and they are offering the ETRE Computerised Healing System, which is computer radionic software with "hand feedback device" is THE site for Sympathetic Vibrational Physics, and basically tries to go on from the works of Keely and Tesla. Dale Pond runs the site, and he has an article called "It really is a musical universe" complete with tables of harmonics, which looks very impressive but a bit beyond me at the moment.

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