"Spiritual" and "New Age"
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I was very interested in all this, long ago. There are many sites in this area, and I think these are some of the best (or most interesting) of the bunch. I have written a page about the New Age. I don't like channeling at all.

http://www.gla.ac.uk/~gbza22/spirit.html is a useful link site I have used a lot - his home page also has links to biology and zoology sites

http://www.earthalchemy.com/ this lady somewhere in the USA is doing a daily report on the earth energy processes that she experiences. As you may know, I don't usually like this kind of thing, except on rare occasions, as in the case, where I think it is really good. Of course, you may not agree ..... the forum is also interesting, of its type

http://www.nvisible.com/ Solara also does spiritual 'surf reports'

http://mail.ljudmila.org/pogacnik/ is the home page for Marko Pogacnik, Earth Healer and Artist. I think his earth work is genuine, and his site is also one of the best designed I have seen

http://www.higherpath.org/city.htm For something entirely different, the City of Ancients has arisen (on etheric levels), just out at sea from Vero Beach, Florida, and, as you might expect, they are sending (long) messages ......

you will probably find www.wmea-world.org is a not-so-bad American Spiritual site. I find nearly all "New Age" and "spiritual" sites awful - a degenerate form of spiritualism, which itself doesn't appeal to me at all. And something even stranger happens to it in American hands. But perhaps I just never understood the New Age (or Americans). For example, it has ------- NOW AVAILABLE ! Joleen's lectures on tape and so on

http://theadvocacy.org/Acme.htm is a bit odd - a "Catfish Muse in the Raging Jordan" - you might like it

http://www.scarletwoman.org/ is a 'Western Tradition' OTO oriented site

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/1896/mart.html if you want a story of schisms and heresies, nothing can match the Martinist order (site by Frater93 'Western Tradition') These mystery schools are a mystery to me !

http://metalinks.metaculture.net/ is an attempt to do something linking spirit/science/society and all that stuff (links to extropians, etc) It is very American.

http://soli.com/ the Sytem of Life Institute is American, but seems like good fun, with lots off links for ancient philosophy, also Taoism, etc. It is a philosophy school established in Southern California in 1986 by Robert Hustwit. Its purpose is to articulate and disseminate practical philosophy.

http://www.sangraal.com/ has some sacred geometry stuff that looks interesting

http://www.trans4mind.com/spiritual/enlightenment.html is from Sufi George, and is worth a look

http://www.lightnet.co.uk/ is yet another site, only British.

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