Psychology sites
>----------------------------------------<00(O)00> ----------------------------------------< is about WR Bion, who was a major psychologist.
He seems to have been a very important guy. is the site for links to the work of Arnold Mindell, founder of Process Oriented Psychology, and leader of numerous 'World Work' events is a site of links for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, which I think is a very important set of tools. The site is a collection of links - I predict that some of these will be brilliant, and some will be rogues - be warned. "Each step forwards along the path of life contains the possibility for actualising our potential". The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust is one of the main UK organisations for psychosynthesis - based on the works of Roberto Assagioli. is the main site for holotropic breathwork is for Essential Peacemaking work

I can recommend any of the techniques on this page.

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