Sri Aurobindo sites
>----------------------------------------<00(O)00> ----------------------------------------< "ARISE, TRANSCEND THYSELF. THOU ART MAN AND THE WHOLE NATURE OF MAN" - Sri Aurobindo. The Aurobindo Society is the main vehicle of study of Sri Aurobindo, and this site includes information about the ashram, is the website for Aurobindo's integral yoga - "This net of sweetness woven of aureate fire." Savitri, p.372 There is an amazing recording of the Mother speaking on this site. There are online discussion groups too if you are interested. is a site of on-line texts by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Someone has done amazing work (of quality and quantity) to produce this site. is the homepage of the Auroville international township - their site is extensive ! is the international organisation for Auroville
is the UK branch of this is a Russian Auro site on the spiritual significances of flowers, as assigned by the Mother

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