World Religions
>----------------------------------------<00(O)00> ----------------------------------------< This was once my favourite website, Dr Ali Shariati was an Iranian intellectual and sociologist, martyred by SAVAK. His own writings seem very fine, and the forum was the liveliest one on the web, containing maybe the full range of (Iranian) Islam, from the most extreme fundamentalists to very liberal guys living (in exile) in the west. They seem to tolerate each other somehow and tried to sort it all out. Sadly, this is no longer true - the extremes of thought got too much for the site management ! is a Buddhist magazine from Canada (!) which looks very good - only a short bit of each current issue, but one back issue is given in full, e.g. is excellent about a japanese Zen Roshi visiting a death-row prison in the states is the site for Tarab Tulku, who is one of the main Tibetan Buddhist teachers living in Europe is a christian site which seems to be very sincere, clear and impartial !! There are many things of interest there, and part of it is developing into quite a massive encyclopaedia, though navigation is not as you'd expect. The .org part of the site is the New Geneva church-oriented stuff, but if you follow 'Social Studies Curriculum' then 'Western Social History' then you get a lot more of the main guys studies of different schools of thought, and a "post-modern" re-evaluation of history. The whole thing is a major effort with a very positive approach. is a Christian bulletin board which looks very good - open, fun and liberal

The opposite of this is which is the ultimate in the opposite type of Christian site, and anyone with any new ideas since about 100 AD are doomed to eternal damnation. Conversely it is quite a good survey of heresies and recent conspiracy theories. Fortunately, I and my friends don't seem to be in it (yet)

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