Current Favourite Links (and friends)
>----------------------------------------<00(O)00> ----------------------------------------< is an excellent weekly astrologically-based sort of creative writing, prediction and reading of 'how things are' and what you could most usefully do with it. has regular reports on earth energies (if you are interested in that sort of thing) is the home page for Marko Pogacnik, Earth Healer and Artist. I think his earth work is genuine, and this is also one of the best designed sites I have seen I like Stuart Wilde a lot, mostly. I don't always agree with him, but at least he is always clear about what he really thinks. Iasos is a new age musician, but apart from that disadvantage, he has kindly provided an interesting range of visual meditations in his oasis section, keep up to date with the latest crop circles !

for something different, is really inspiring !!

>----------------------------------------<00(O)00> ----------------------------------------< meet your greens looks like a really good idea for meeting like-minded people on the internet, with an interesting new approach (and William is a friend of mine !!) is my friend Karin's excellent "Creative Health" site about her work as an Art Therapist. Malcolm is another friend - excellent links if you are a professional cosmologist is my own 'find-me' name site

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