Knowledge Engineering and Tony Judge
>----------------------------------------<00(O)00> ----------------------------------------< is the Belgian-based Union of International Associations, which has amazing databases of World Problems, Strategies, Human Values and Human Potential, which draws linkages between problems and strategies where possible, in a very interesting way. They also maintain information on all major international associations, but you must pay for extensive access to this section. is a free micro-encyclopaedia which has no text, only links to other sites. "we are building the world's largest international, peer-reviewed encyclopedia. It is free." "and it will be constructed by qualified members of the international public" They appear to be very committed to their free open-source philosophy, well funded, and there is no apparent reference to EVER needing to get funds, make money or sell products, adverts or membership. It is a subsidiary of Bomis Inc at , which also produces an impressive free open directory to the internet . Bomis carry advertising on their pages.

Tony Judge, the Director of UIA, has written some fascinating papers : is "Knowledge Gardening through Music" eliciting patterns of coherence for African management as an alternative to Project Logic READ THIS ONE FIRST !!!! is "Metaphoric Entrapment in Time" - try it, it's interesting is the link for Tony Judge's "Questions requiring Answers" project

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