Academic sites
>----------------------------------------<00(O)00> ----------------------------------------< is the address for the most excellent Centre for Institutional Studies at the University of East London (the site is not yet highly developed) is Bob Jessops home page - he seems to be a key and original thinker in governance, globalisation, post-modernism, etc.
an interesting site which has all the links you could ever imagine for Utopias and History - this link seems to have amazing stuff on it - the Modern History Sourcebook, somewhere at a US University (I was reading a paper on Wallerstein's work on World Systems Theory, so searched for Wallerstein, and turned up a 5 page summary article of his ideas on this site, which seems absolutely excellent.) There are also sections for the other historical eras is a dictionary of terms used in Foucault's work is a link site for many other Foucault sites and are philosophy link sites

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