The normal "Realist World View" of IR
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"One might conveniently summarise the Realist position as follows :

  • The maintenance of the national interest is the 'prime directive' of all nation-states. This is the procurement of power and the desire to dominate and subjugate other states
  • There can be no political position which is neutral
  • All states have an ethics of responsibility - state leaders must maintain the security of the state at ALL costs, even if this means threatening or using force.
  • The anarchical state of international relations forces the escalation of military strength sufficient to act as a deterrent against attack.
  • Economics is subordinate to military might, the former being only useful in promoting the latter
  • The state is the source (communitarianism) and condition of all values"

quoted from "Beginning Postmodernism", by Tim Woods, Manchester University Press, 1999, p 242.

Clearly, this traditional approach is
A. not sustainable
B. a view which is still being applied and practiced by many states
C. difficult to counter by anyone who disagrees or takes a different approach

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