Sectoral Inefficiency
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This is again derived from my time at the UIA. The UIA seems to me to have generally fulfilled the initial goals of its founders, and my thoughts here are a response to that unusual situation :- what further goals would be suitable for UIA, and what is both feasible and either already stated as its mission, or written in the earlier statutes.

The UIA has a clear remit "the Union intends to contribute to the progress of pacific international and the organisation of international life". With some justice, one can claim that there is now a lot of international activity, but that it is currently not well co-ordinated and not efficiently organised, and it is characterized by competition for resources and 'status'.

If one accepts that there is inefficiency and inappropriate competition in the international sector, then what can one do about it ? Does something really need to be done, or is it basically OK as it is, a fact of life ? Should the UIA do something to rationalise it ? or someone else do something ?

If the UIA cannot do it, then should we consider beginning this ourselves ? Perhaps using private message boards to begin with, later with conferences, so that eventually the UIA (or someone) can set up a system to encourage and moderate the better co-operation of international bodies, perhaps by clarifying the world need, and then establishing the tasks, and then evaluating the resources and organisations available in each sector, eventually reaching a more rational situation than at present. There are clearly areas such as Emergency Aid where things seem to work well, but there are many others .......

I am willing (but unqualified) to try to start the ball rolling.

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