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Explorations I think I have some new perspectives especially sparked by my contacts with academic theories. See also my Pamphlets page
New age, Postmodernism, Findhorn and Foucault
Consciousness, ‘Spirit’ some ideas and approaches
International Relations theory and new problems
Mythology - patterns and systems
of myth (and elites)

Research Project. I am doing a study on food, farming and policy in the UK. Later stages will look at how / if Industrialisation is included as a major factor in UK policy.
Food and Farming Project - the changes in the last century, the present-day context, and the 'players'.
Food policy in the UK – a record of recent UK official aims and goals

Services - (page) sometimes I think up new workshop ideas
"What is really going on ?" what are they really saying ?
Life Coaching (!!??) - what do you want from life ?
Positive Audits - workshop/audit for small firms and NGO's
Vision Quest workshops - find your next step !

Writing Services - re-writes, editing and translation

The Author - sometimes needs work ! CV, publications, achievements !

Site philosophy, goals, history, finances, etc

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