UK food policy - Record of Aims and Objectives.
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from April 2000 to March 2000, the aim of MAFF was: From April 2001, MAFF's aim is:

In 2001, MAFF became DEFRA with the following : AIM

(original aim in 2000) (This aim was made
into 3 bullet points:-)
Sustainable development, which means a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come, including :
To ensure that consumers benefit from competitively priced food, * good quality food which meets consumers' requirements * A better environment at home and internationally, and sustainable use of natural resources;
produced to high standards of safety, environmental care and animal welfare, and from a sustainable efficient food chain, * modern sustainable, competitive farming and fisheries businesses; and * economic prosperity through sustainable farming, fishing, food, water and other industries that meet consumers' requirements;
and to contribute to the well being of rural and coastal communities * protection of the rural and marine environment and a thriving rural economy * thriving economies and communities in rural areas and a coutryside for all to enjoy.
And MAFF's objectives were : And MAFF's objectives were : DEFRA's objectives are :
1. To protect public health in relation to farm produce and to animal diseases transmissible to humans 1. same 1. To protect and improve the rural, urban, marine and global environment and conserve and enhance biodiversity, and to lead integration of these with other policies across Government and internationally
2. To sustain and enhance the rural and marine environments and public enjoymetn of the amenities they provide and to promote forestry 2. same 2. To enhance opportunity and tackle social exclusion through promoting sustainable rural areas with a dynamic and inclusive economy, strong rural communities and fair access to services
3. To secure a more economically rational Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which gives a better deal to consumers and taxpayers and pays due regards to the needs of the environment 3. same 3. To promote a sustainable, competitive and safe food supply chain which meets consumers' requirements
4. To assist the development of efficient markets in which internationally competitive food, fish and agricultural industries can thrive 4. To encourage the development of modern, efficient agriculture, fisheries and food industries which are internationally competitive and responsive to consumers' requirements 4. To improve enjoyment of an attractive and well-managed countryside for all
5. To enhance economic opportunity and social development in rural and coastal communities in a manner consistent with public enjoyment of the amenities which they offer 5.To promote strong and sustainable rural and coastal communities through broadening economic opportunity and enhancing social development 5. To promote sustainable, diverse, modern and adaptable farming through domestic and international actions and further ambitious CAP reform
6. To administer payments under the CAP fairly and in full accordance with EU requirements 6. To administer payments under the CAP fairly and in full accordance with European Union (EU) requirements 6. To promote sustainable management and prudent use of natural resources domestically and internationally
7. To conserve fish stocks for future generations and secure a sustainable future for the sea fishing industry

7. same

7. To protect the public's interest in relation to environmental impacts and health, including in relation to diseases which can be transmitted through food, water and animals and to ensure high standards of animal health and welfare
8. To ensure that farmed animals and fish are protected by high welfare standards and do not suffer unnecessary pain or distress 8. same  
9. To reduce risks to people and the developed and natural environment from flooding and coastal erosion

9. same

10. To safeguard the continuing availability to the consumer of adequate supplies of wholesome, varied and reasonably priced food and drink 10. same  
Environment/al count - 4 4 2
Sustain/ability count - 3 3 6
Consumer count - 3 3 2
business/industry count - 0/1 1/1 0/1

There is a remarkable increase in the use of 'sustainable' in the most recent set of aims and objectives.
I hope to keep this up to date, and I am considering ways of mapping the changes in emphasis, and marking the changes. As part of my studies of text analysis, I am interested in the 'language of aims and objectives', so, in the above text given above - which group is being addressed by which objective, that is, how this is structured in terms of the 'interested parties'.

In ref. 5, the above detailed objectives are adressed in turn, and associated with each objective is a set of 'Public Service Agreement' (PSA) targets, which the Ministry has agreed to make progress with. The Ministry's work generally appears to be being brought into line with these PSA targets.

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