A Study of Food and Farming
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Conclusion: The major historical process operating in the food and farming sector is of Industrialisation. (I am in particular studying the UK). This process began about a century ago, and is still increasing. Although Industrialisation is a 'loaded word', I cannot see a better one to use.

Introduction: I have derived the above result from the following pages, which I originally wrote to try to create a modern "map" of food and farming. I have not re-written my original text to 'prove' or demonstrate the conclusion about industrialisation. There are the following sections:-

· The main changes in techniques in the last century (begin here)
· The main types of business involved with farming and food (begin here)
· The main types of campaigns involved with food, farming and land use (begin here)
· The main official, government and international bodies for farming and food (begin here)
· Some historic writings, and a very brief history (begin here)
· Written influences on food and farming - gourmet writing, advertising, children's books (begin here)
· A summary and some other points of explanation. (begin here)

Or, you could begin at 'the start page' or at the complete index

The purpose of this is to try and establish a fair picture of "Where we have come from, Who is involved, and What is written about food and farming", and, in places, to give an idea of what is possible in the future.

I have created about 60 (short) web pages - you can go to the full index of these, or continually click NEXT at the top right to go through them sequentially, or you could navigate via the links at the bottom of each page. You could also get a fair impression of the study by choosing to view one page from each section of the index.

I have written this about Britain - no doubt other countries are fairly similar.

My personal aim in this is to do the groundwork for my dissertation - I am trying to get a clear picture of where we have come from and what are the main influences in 'the whole field' of food and agriculture. This is intended to provide a context for the future stages of my project, which will involve the textual analysis of some aspects of British Government food policy. In particular, I am interested in the language of aims and objectives (I am also recording these for the British Ministry on the Policy Page). At the moment, I am much more interested in
'How do people think about food and farms, and how is this expressed in the policies ?' rather than 'What are the effects of the policies ?' or 'How can we change them ?'.

I am trying to maintain impartiality with this topic, but I have created :-
1. a summary page after the 'changes in technique' section
2. several pages with some tentative conclusions and some comments on the patterns that have emerged,
3. I have also made a page of any assumptions that I am aware of having made
4. I have added a page about my own position - I am trying to be impartial, but this is not realistic, and I think it is only fair to the reader to state my own position.
5. The study has a deliberately "flat" structure - I want to be as neutral as I can, presenting the organisations just as they present themselves using a "snapshot and paste" technique. I make some comments on their language and approaches in the Patterns page

You contributions, questions and improvements are welcomed ! Please email me at george@whatever-will.be I have now also created a further site on food, based on my dissertation on Discourse Analysis of UK food policy, and I intend use any resonses to create further mapping of opinions and to create new documents to extend understanding of these subjects.

I am happy to correct any major errors, however, all the 'cut, paste and link' sections I have created form a 'snapshot' of all these organisations for the week of 4th-11th May, 2002. I would probably not want to update these pages, though it would be interesting to track any shifts and changes in their language ! The 'cut, paste and link' sections are intended to give an idea of how these organisations 'present themselves' to the world.

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