Gourmet Writing
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To give a small example of 'normal' gourmet writing, here is a short extract from "The Bulletin", the English-language weekly magazine in Brussels, from 21st March, p35. This is a 'normal' review of a 'normal' restaurant typical of almost any newspaper any day :-

We began our meal with two slices of an acceptable pâté de foie gras garnished with jelly and a pleasant cinnamon-flavoured confit. I found my fish soup indifferent, although I liked the fact that it came with rounds of toasted baguette, rouille and grated gruyère. Alternatives included a salad of sole fillets with shrimps, oysters in several preparations and seafood platters

For his main dish, my companion chose waterzooi, that traditional Belgian speciality, a creamy confection of fish and vegetables half-way between a soup and a stew. It came with a couple of grilled Dublin Bay prawns on top. The consistency looked closer to a sauce than a soup, but he pronounced it excellent. I ordered a lasagne de lotte aux petit légumes, forgetting that lasagne in menu-speak has recently come to mean anything sliced and baked. Anyway, my three thick slices of monkfish were juicy and excellent and the vegetables perfectly al dente.

For desert, there were crêpes à la Comédie Française. I almost ordered them just to see our impressively moustachiod waiter flamber them at the table, but settled instead for a forgettable flan caramel. My companion's plate of cheeses was varied, nicely presented with a little salad. With a really good bottle of Pinot Noir - Zenck '99, our meal came to a somewhat steep    60 a head.

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