William Cobbett from "Cottage Economy" ref. 6, first published in 1823
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From paragraph 15 .. bear in mind, that if the state of the labourer has its disadvantages when compared with other callings and conditions of life, it also has its advantages. It is free from the torments of ambition, and from a great part of the causes of ill-health, for which not all the riches of the world and the circumstances of high rank are a compensation . (para. 16) To assist in the pursuit of this labour, and in the turning of it to best account, are the principle objects of the present little work .to show that, while from a very small piece of ground, a large part of the food of a considerable family may be raised, and the very act of raising it will be the best possible foundation of education of the children of the labourer

From paragraph 86. Every woman, high or low, ought to know how to make bread. If she do not, she is unworthy of trust and confidence; and indeed a mere burthen upon the community. Yet, it is but too true, that many women, even amongst those who have to get their living by their labour, know nothing of the making of bread; and seem to understand little more about it than the part which belongs to its consumption . Servant women in abundance appear to think that loaves are made by the baker, as knights are made by the king ; things of their pure creation, a creation, too, in which no one else can participate. Now, is this not an enormous evil ? And whence does it come ? Servant women are children of the labouring classes ; and they would all know how to make bread, and know well how to make it too, if they had been fed on bread of their mother's and their own making

From paragraph 112 . Besides, skim-milk and bread (the milk being boiled) is quite strong food enough for any childrens' breakfast, even when they begin to go to work ; a fact I state upon the most ample and satisfactory experience, very seldom having ever had any other sort of breakfast myself until I was more than ten years old, and I was at work in the fields full four years before that .

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