Life Coaching service by George McNamara
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Firstly, I want to observe something that is totally clear to me - each of us has enormous potential, in many different ways; but, we need to find ways of releasing this potential so that we can become a whole and complete persons, as much as we can, and at a suitable speed for us.

But then, I have to laugh a little, as I am not a conventional life coach, and I seldom ever fit any 'profiles'.There are several areas where my own potential is still largely un-tapped, and some things that I almost certainly can't do for you :-

  • If you have relationship problems, I wish you good luck ! (though I can help clarify what you want)
  • If you want to be a millionaire, send me some euros when you get there, please ! ( ditto)

However, by virtue of the width of my experience (and also the number of mistakes I've made), then I think I have something to offer in a lot of other areas. However, under these experimental circumstances, I will offer this service by donation only, making no charges.

Half-jokingly, I have several generalised things I advise everybody:-

  • Try living on your own (there is no-one else to blame then)
  • Have a sabbatical (a year off works wonders)
  • Try to go out more (especially to see live music, but beer is quite good too)
  • Work things out for yourself, but follow your star

To continue, having dealt with what I don't do, and my little jokes, there is actually a lot I can help with and I can back this up with quite considerable experience (see my Trainings and Studies page for some of the courses I've done and stuff I've read), and persistent effort over the years. I would say that my speciality lies somewhere (lost sometimes) in the forest of "psychology - spirituality - work - purpose - motivation - theosophy - wisdom - money - integrity - independence ." and so on. I have no particular map of this forest, and no particular technique, and I certainly don't have THE answer, but I sort of know my way around in it.

If you are interested in trying this with me, please send me an initial email about what you are trying to achieve. I will acknowledge this immediately and send a considered response within a week. I imagine the process would settle into a weekly exchange of emails until we reach a completion. Initially I do not feel like using phone calls or personal visits - it is a challenge to fit my usual techniques (based on NLP) to the internet - I may set up a private chatroom for the life coach sessions. I would welcome some 'guinea pigs' to test out the formats with me !.

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