Positive Audits
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'Best Value' for Post-Modernists !!

Audits are sometimes necessary for funders or investors to be satisfied that organisational aims are being achieved in an efficient and effective way. This is a particular problem for small organisations and semi-autonomous agencies. All too often, the existing audit process is a painstaking counting of paper clips, it takes ages, drains energy away, prevents any useful work from being done, and produces no useful results.

Now this is a thing of the past with Positive Audits !!

We can run an Audit Day at your organisation, and with a series of exercises in one morning (typically including some counselling, art and drama games), we can conduct an audit which generates the information we need on:

  • Personal fulfilment levels
  • Personal development, goal setting and evaluation systems for staff
  • Group co-operation levels and cohesiveness
  • Team-building 'reality check'
  • Organisational goals and motivation (and attitudes to clients and/or customers)
  • Check if the structures are working efficiently (and also equal opportunities, etc.)

From these, we can get a clear picture of 'organisational health', and make useful recommendations for the future. Additionally, this process helps both the staff and the organisation. Where goals have been achieved or need refreshing, our process can help to regenerate them. Our process also has aspects of a team building day or a consultant's visit. We can offer a lot in these directions, and we can all have some fun at the same time. Obviously, the process has a modular construction, and can be tailored to the particular needs of your organisation.

Logistics. The full Audit is designed for 8 to 12 participants. For organisations with only 2 or 3 staff, we can organise a shorter process, or go into greater depth. If there are more than 15 staff in the organisation, we would either run sufficient days for all the staff (either mixed together or in departments) or run an initial day with a cross-section of the staff, which may be sufficient for a successful audit. Staff may not make or receive phone calls or visitors during the time, so arrangements must be made to cover their absence.

A preparatory visit would be made before the Audit Day to plan the sessions; on a day soon after the Audit Day, senior staff must be fully available for interviews. We would anticipate that any problems found would be identified and discussed with the staff, and then solutions proposed, developed and agreed, so that an agreed audit report would be completed by the end of this second day, signed both by our auditors and the senior staff. Confidential reporting can also be carried out.

Please contact me with your exact requirements !

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